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Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a remote employee that handles tasks assigned by their employer. Some of their tasks might include:

Scheduling appointments
Managing calendars
Making travel arrangements
Taking and transferring phone calls

Available 27/4

Providing customer service 24/7 is challenging for any business. You either need to employ enough staff for round-the-clock shifts, outsource to call centers in other timezones, or provide limited hours.

However, with a virtual agent you can have something available all the time. As mentioned, virtual agents can answer most routine questions. For more difficult enquiries, they can schedule a call-back or email from a human agent. While scheduling may not give an immediate answer, it still leads to increased satisfaction as the customer knows they’ve been heard.


Reduce pressure on human agents

The drive to constantly improve customer experience can put a lot of pressure on customer service agents. Often, staff are torn between wanting to provide in-depth personalized service and wanting to get through as many tickets or calls as possible.

By triaging requests through a virtual agent, you can reduce this. Staff no longer need to spend time on basic, simple problems, reducing the amount of requests they have to handle. While that means the questions that do come through are more complicated, they can spend more time answering them.

Virtual agents are a great way to improve employee satisfaction and customer engagement.


Gather actionable data in call centers

Since virtual agents have conversations through text, it makes them a great way to build up a pool of actionable data. Combined with other uses of AI and natural language processing, this data can be analyzed to produce helpful insights.

Expect to see information on the most common questions, what products have the most issues, and the main complaints or compliments you receive. You can also gather information on when people contact you, where they’re contacting from, and how long the average conversation lasts.

This information can be used to build up a self-service knowledge hub, further reducing the amount of communication you receive. Not only that, but remember: actionable data means improved business decision making.


Artificial intelligence constantly improves

Since many virtual agents are built using machine learning, they have the capacity to continuously improve. Combined with natural language understanding, this means that as their dataset grows, they grow in capability.

The more interactions an intelligent virtual agent has, the more information it has to work from. It will become better at ascertaining tone and intent. Not only that, but it’ll grow more familiar with what questions are asked of it and be able to provide better responses.


Improved customer experiences

Providing excellent customer service is vital to running a successful business.

Virtual agents can help provide this by:

Increasing the first response time
Providing personalized answers
Automation of routine tasks
Reducing wait times/time spent on hold
Allowing customer service agents to spend longer on each case

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